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Managing Quota Requests on CNO

Your teams are on deck, your deployments are daily, and your environments are running at full speed. ‌‌

The tragedy is that your resources are running out (minimal tragedy because the monitoring indicator is alert).

It's time to replenish your project. Let's see how.

You have two options to extend resources: through CNO's U.I. or the command line.

Option 1: Extending Resources Using CNO's U.I.

Go to Onboard > Project

You'll see an overview of your Projects CPU, Memory and Storage Utilization. Scroll down and you'll find your list of projects.

They each have 3 icons on the right hand side:

  • - This is for viewing you project page.

  • - You use this to update your project details like name and tags

  • ❎ - For deleting your project

For this guide-through, we're viewing the project page.

Enter your project and click on "Resources" at the top left.

Here, you will find all the history of your resource requests for your project. Click on the "Request Resources" Button.

Fill in the request quota form

  1. You can choose a quota defined by your organization.‌ OR

  2. Use the advanced possibility to customize in detail the requested resources (CPU, Memory, Storage)

  3. Press Add

Successful request!


If you are a Project Owner + your resources are already available.

If you are a Project Owner, you must wait for the validation of your validators.

Option 2: Extending Resources Through CNOCTL

We can extend project resources by creating a new quota request.

Before creation, it's good to check if you don't already have pending quota requests on a project with the command:

cnoctl get quota-request-status --status pending 

The status flag also lets you check for accepted quota requests (--status accept) and rejected ones (--status reject)

For quota requests you can create with the command:

cnoctl create quota-request <projectName> --quota <quotaName> | --cpu LimitValue,RequestValue --memory LimitValue,RequestValue --storage StorageValue 


Quota requests need to be validated if you have no super admin or owner+ role. Put another way, if you are super admin or project owner+, requests will be automatically accepted; else, you must wait for validation.

You can check the status of the new quota request with:

cnoctl get quota-request --project <projectName> 

Last update: 2022-07-01