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Tag Settings

Tags are elements of pairs (key and values) whose primary purpose is to identify resources or clusters. They are defined by the user and must be relevant and specific to identify the resources assigned.

Creating Tags Using The CNO UI

  • Go to Parameters > Tagging

  • Click the Big Red "Add New Tag" button

  • Fill in the infomation:

    1. Label: The name you want to use to identify your tag.

    2. Field: You can choose either Text or Selection.

    3. Required: Tick this box if you want to set your tag as required, if not, leave it unticked.

  • You should be taken back to your Tags Dashboard with your newly created tag now visible.

Creating Tags Using The CNOCTL

You can create a tag by giving it's elements of configuration. Use the command:

cnoctl adm create tag [name] [--flags]

The supported arguments are:

name: The name of the tag you want to create. (Compulsory)

The supported flags are:

type: The type of flag text or selection. (Required)

text type: A simple text field to assign a value to the tag.

selection type: A selection field to assign a value to the tag.

value: The value of type selection value1,value2. (Optional)

required: Use it if the tag is required. (Optional)

Listing Information

To list information about all tags. Use the command:

cnoctl adm get tag [tag_id]

The supported arguments are:

tag_id: The id of the tag from which we want to retrieve information. To specify if you want to get information about a specific tag. (Optional)

Last update: 2022-09-02