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Configure Messaging

The Messaging Account basically consists of creating an SMTP server to send emails or notifications to CNO users.

You can create a messaging account by giving the elements of configuration

Configuring Messaging Using CNO UI

Head over to Parameters > Mailing and click the "+" button

Fill the form

  1. Organisation: This is immutable

  2. Sender Email.

  3. Sender Password

  4. Sender SMTP Server

  5. Sender SMTP Server Port: more commonly 587 for gmail accounts.

Configuring Messaging Using CNOCTL

To create a messaging account, use the command below:

cnoctl adm create smtp [--flags]

The supported flags are:

email: The sender email of your organization. (Required)

smtp-password: This is the password of the sender's email account. (Required)

smtp-server: This should be the name of the most common email providers' servers. (Required)

smtp-port: This is the port of the email providers' servers. (Required)

Listing Information

To list the information about your Messaging Account you can use the syntax:

cnoctl adm get smtp


Do a test to make sure that the SMTP server configuration is working correctly with the command:

cnoctl adm test smtp -m "Your message" 


cnoctl adm test smtp --message "Your message"

The supported flags are:

email or e: the receiver mail test. (Required)

message or m: the message to send. (Required)

Last update: 2022-09-20