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Concepts Summary

This section provides a conceptual walk-through of functionalities to help you get started with CNO.

Without needing deep knowledge of Kubernetes, you can easily take advantage of some capabilities to prepare your Business on Day 3.

CNO Secure

Learn how to ensure an entire lifecycle of Kubernetes security for all your clusters and containerized cloud-native applications.

CNO Secure helps you scan your infrastructure and ensure your clusters are compliant with standards like CIS, PCI DSS, NIST, MITRE ATTACKā€¦

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Hide the complexity of multi-cloud or multi-cluster Kubernetes infrastructure management by centralizing everything into CNO Hub.

Deploy and manage all clusters in your various environments, e.g., Private or Public Cloud, Edge, or Bare Metal.

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CNO Onboard

Learn how to easily onboard and manage your team's or organization's projects within a unifying management platform.

To get a complete experience, we have added cloud-native features for SRE or DevOps Teams, Security Teams, or Data Scientists.

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CNO Deploy

Choose the fastest way to deliver applications across your multiple environments.

Take advantage of CNO Deploy with advanced deployment strategies such as Canary, Blue Green & A/B testing in your production environment.

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Last update: 2022-07-19