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What Is CNO

CNO is an Operations Center for Kubernetes: a single management platform for Admins in a hybrid / multi-cloud ecosystem, a common experience for multiple Ops & Dev teams.

Key Features & Advantages

  • CNO centralizes all your Kubernetes clusters in a single platform: public or on-premise.
  • CNO Adds, Deletes, Updates, and Monitors all your Kubernetes clusters in the CNO Hub.
  • CNO Defines and Applies Kubernetes Implementation Framework for your company through Tagging Strategy, Resource Quota Strategy, and IAM Strategy.
  • CNO onboards all your organizational teams into CNO and lets them define their projects, onboard their team members and their multi-cloud environments.
  • CNO allows you to deploy your applications faster by choosing the advanced deployment strategy that best suits your use case: Blue/Green, Canary, or A/B Testing

Target Audience

Every professional involved in the delivery of applications either in development or production environments can benefit from the field of actions CNO offers: IT managers, project owners, network administrators, developers etcetera.

You can see CNO as a Common Language: from Ops to Developers to Project Managers, we believe they all should be able to collaborate in a single place, efficiently.

If you are an Ops, DevOps, DevSecOps, or you just love dancing with kubectl:

You can perform your Kube-oriented actions and even more challenging things directly from the built-in command line, cnoctl.

  • If you only want to work with Kubernetes in specific scenarios, but don't want to bother knowing all the details of the docs: You can perform pre-defined homogenous actions Kubernetes offers through the User Interface. Imagine it as a soft layer translating Kubernetes into cool designs.

Let's dive in!

Last update: 2022-06-07