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History of CNO

CNO was originally created in late 2020 by BeOpen IT's consulting team when a large telecom client in Senegal asked them to build a software that could centralize all Kubernetes-based projects in a single console.

They envisioned a technology that would allow this customer to centralise all clusters and allow project owners to choose environments (dev, staging, production). There was also a section for managing quota resources, which allowed project owners to request resources for their environments.

The client loved it, and the platform was quickly adopted by the company's infrastructure division.

This version 0 of CNO, made the consulting team think:

  1. Kubernetes is complex, but the go-to concept for most companies.

  2. However, only a fraction of its users understand it and can use it at its full potential

  3. We know Kubernetes very well. In a Cloud, Sec, Dev, organization, and Data spectrum.

  4. We could create a Kubernetes platform. So simple, so User Friendly, anyone could use it. And then, we'll build management frameworks to make the platform adaptable to each company's use cases.

In October 2021, CNO was born. And BeOpen IT pivoted. But that's a story for another day...

Design and core principles

Not talking about the architecture here. Nor the framework. This short paragraph gives you an overview of the guidelines and values developers followed when creating the project.

Best-Practices First

First, this software is a cloud-native software, for handling cloud-native applications. Make it clean. Each part of your creation must follow the community's best practices.

Be rational, be simple

Second, this software must be so simple, anyone with an I.T. background can be fully onboarded and and be able to use the product, in less than 3 days.

Solve Complexity, don't create it

Third, we don't create new languages. We don't put a gas machine into a possibly already existing gas machine. We simplify the use of existing products.


Fourth, we don't do tech for tech. We create a place to accelerate and optimize the tech for the business. If you are not certain that what you implement will reduce costs or help increase profits... don't do it.

Future of CNO

CNO - Tech Roadmap

Last update: 2022-06-07